The Community Information Center (CIC) is intervention to engage communities and share research results in response to challenges. The CIC initiative is under Project 3 of the VLIR-IUC/NM-AIST partnership programme focusing on knowledge management transfer.

The main objective of the CIC initiative is to provide the agricultural community in Upper Kikuletwa Pangani River Basin with enhanced information on farming and irrigation practices for improved decision making. A data-driven agricultural and irrigation system for Upper Pangani River Basin is the long term goal.

The ongoing research projects under the VLIR-IUC/NM-AIST partnership programme are generating diverse datasets on water quality, sanitation, irrigation, soil, crop, weather records among others. The newly high-performance computing (HPC) laboratory at NM-AIST will provide a platform for analytics of the generated research datasets and other datasets from satellite, historical data, farm machinery, sensors, among others for data-driven decision points in Upper Pangani basin in Tanzania. The heterogeneous datasets will be analyzed to generate and derive intelligent trends and patterns for benefiting the community in Upper Pangani basin, contribute to policy and future research for community development.