Project 2: Development of water purification technologies

Goal: To develop water purification technologies for wastewater treatment with constructed wetlands and for defluoridation of community water supplies in Northern Tanzania.

The project would like to ensure that people are informed of the potential of technology to solve water quality challenges, especially in Northern Tanzania. Therefore, P2 is planning to implement actions on Sanitation (through Constructed Wetland Technology) and Water purification (Defluoridation of Water supplies) by implementing technologies that are adapted to local contexts and that are sustainable. These actions are done through building capacities to future generations under PhD studentships.


Project team

Project leader South

Revocatus Machunda

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Chemistry and applied microbiology

Team member(s) South

Karoli N. Njau

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Constructed wetlands, water and wastewater purification technologies

Mwemezi Rwiza

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Water Quality and Governance

Anita Rugaika

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Constructed wetlands, Nutrients recycling

Wilson Mahene


Fluoride removal technologies

Stanslaus Mtavangu


Fluoride removal

Jerome Bidu


Constructed Wetlands

Project leader North

Van der Bruggen, Bart

KU Leuven

Water technologies and separation processes

Project member(s) North

Patricia Luis


Fluoride removal