PROJECT 1: Sustainable smallholder banana-based farming systems to improve livelihoods of communities in Northern Tanzania, Pangani region.

Goal: The ultimate aim of this project is to sustainably intensify banana-based farming systems in the target region, based on documented nutrient budgets, fine-tuned integrated soil fertility interventions, capitalizing on fundamental understanding of nutrient-water use efficiency interactions.

This will be achieved through training of NM-AIST students, carrying out their PhD research work within this context, in close cooperation with relevant stakeholders such as NGO’s (TRIAS, RECODA), Farmers Network in Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions and public extension services.


Project team

Project leader South

Kelvin Mtei

School of MEWES, NM-AIST


Soil Fertility Management,


Team member(s) South

Patrick Ndakidemi

School of LiSBE, NM-AIST

Soil Biology, Soil Chemistry and Plant Physiology.

Hans Komakech

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Hydrology and Sustainable Water Management.

Akida Meya

School of LiSBE, NM-AIST

Soil fertility management, Soil Chemistry, Plant Nutrition, Agronomy, Crop Protection.

Anna Msigwa

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Hydrology and Sustainable Water Management.

Boniphace Nkombe


PhD student (NM-AIST/KU Leuven): Technology packages for banana-based systems developed that offer higher and more stable yields and involve integrated soil fertility management and more efficient water use

Lydia Mhoro


PhD student (NM-AIST): Sustainability of organic matter and nutrient transfer in the maize-legumes-banana-livestock farming systems

Project leader North

Rony Swennen

KU Leuven

Banana breeding/banana agronomy

Project member(s) North

Jan Diels

KU Leuven

Soil Water Transport, Soil Physics, Modelling

Roel Merckx

KU Leuven

Soil Fertility, Soil Chemistry, Plant Nutrition

Ann Van Griensven

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Sustainable Water Management in banana farming systems