Project 3: Applied aquatic ecology

Goal: To sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems in Northern Tanzania to promote long term sustainable ecosystem services that improve the livelihoods of local communities.

Project objectives:

  • To strengthen the aquatic research capacity in Northern Tanzania.
  • To increase knowledge on the effects of pollutants on aquatic food webs and ecosystem services
  • To provide local people access to information about good practices that can promote good water quality and freshwater ecosystem services.

While training and community outreach are part of the activities within the project, specific activities will be done in ways that reflect the training of PhD and project goals and targets.


Project team

Project leader South

Linus Munishi

School of LiSBE, NM-AIST

Conservation Ecology, Conservation Biology, Agro-ecology

Team member(s) South

Francis Moyo

School of LiSBE, NM-AIST

Landscape Ecology, Political Ecology, Rural Livelihood Development

Grite Nelson

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

GIS and aquatic ecosystem experts

Gordian Mataba

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Aquatic ecology and Ecotoxicology

Yusuph Aron

School of MEWES, NM-AIST

Aquatic sciences, Ecotoxicology,  Ecological risk assessment and Aquaculture

Project leader North

Vanschoenwinkel Bram

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Freshwater ecology, disease vector ecology, Biostatistics

Project member(s) North

Luc Brendonck

KU Leuven

Ecotoxicology, aquatic ecology, Biodiversity

Tom Pinceel

KU Leuven

Aquatic ecology, Climate Change, Fish biology