Programme Support Unit (PSU)

The PSU provides administrative and logistical support to the other IUC projects regarding implementation of activities in a defined channel. It continues to provide information to all stakeholders involved in the partner programme, such facts as to financial and technical issues of the partner programme. In the process of ensuring smooth administrative and logistical support PSU focuses in meeting the overall programme objectives which encompass both academic and developmental aspects.

Project Members

Project leader North

Luc Brendonck

KU Leuven, Flemish Coordinator (FC)

Team member(s) North

Piet Wostyn


Conny Coeckelberghs

Financial Officer (FO)

Project leader South

Karoli N. Njau

NM-AIST, Local Coordinator (LC)

Project member(s) South

Joyce Rugakingila

Programme Manager (PM)

Himili Mbawala

Programme Accountant

Analyce Ichwekeleza

Ombuds Person

Japhet Laizer

Procurement Officer

Florence George

Programme Secretary